My favorite BIL and SIL

I knew my BIL (my husband's eldest brother) and SIL when I first got my transfer to Ipoh. They live in Australia. They used to come back every year to visit his parents and relatives.

When I got married, they couldn't make it but they came back during their holidays as they were both teachers. They brought me a kangaroo skin as a gift.

Since both his parents passed away, they still come back but not on a regular basis.

This time they came back because of his nephew's (his youngest sister's son) marriage. They were in Taiping after the marriage and they came to my place yesterday. So they will be with us till Saturday.

Yesterday evening, we took them to Tandoor Grill for our dinner as they love Indian food. They were satisfied with the food.

This evening we might have Japanese food for dinner. My SIL (my husband's youngest brother's wife) will take them for shopping plus lunch. 

Then on Friday, we are going to have a family dinner cum my BIL's (my husband's youngest brother) birthday treat.

Have an enjoyable time, dearest BIL and SIL!


  1. So nice of them to come all the way for the wedding. Hope they enjoy their stay in here.

  2. So sweet. It is great to be back once a while visiting relatives.

    Hope they have nice holiday here.

  3. i am sure your BIL and SIL enjoy their stay here in Malaysia as much as you enjoy bringing them around :)

  4. Be a good host. Family from afar will be looking forward to come back. Have a great time with them.

  5. Lots of place to bring them, and not to mention the food too.. Lots of choice to choose from.. Not a problem bringing them around.. Good food, good time, good people, everyone will enjoy :)

  6. Good afternoon wenn!

    It's nice of them to attend the wedding all the way from Aus! Can tell your SIL is a very nice lady, by looking at her smiles ;)

  7. I think you mentioned them before in earlier posts.

    Nice to meet up again

  8. That's nice, I'm sure you've fun with it!!!

  9. Nice to meet them again right? Feel happy too.

  10. Your BIL looks a bit like your hubby but your hubby is more handsome and gaya than him la!! Hope your BIL doesn't read this.


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