An award winning live sheep show which includes a display of New Zealand’s 19 most popular sheep breeds, working sheep dogs, sheep shearing and cow milking demonstration. There’s also a chance to feed baby lambs and take part in a New Zealand sheep auction.

We were taken to the Agrodome..a must-visit when you visit Australia or NZ.
statue at the entrance

the stage

one by one came up to the stage and stayed put at their appropriate places
throughout the show

all in the family

Sheep shearing, shearing or clipping is the process by which the woollen fleece of a sheep is cut off. The person who removes the sheep's wool is called a shearer

sheep shearing

cow milking

baby lambs feeding

sheepdog with the ducks

up-close and personal with the sheep


  1. hahaha, this is interesting!! but the sheep do look like fake ones on stage in the photo.. LOL

  2. it's great to have audience interaction as well.. sheep feeding.. i bet not sheep shearing else the sheep would be badly hurt, hahaha!! :D

  3. live sheep show... very interesting.

  4. Must remember this place agrodome!

  5. wahh...the shearer looks very muscular and strong.. :)

  6. I like the last photo... their horns it's so curl up! There are well trained to be friendly. don't they?

  7. Baby lamb feeding too...the kids must be enjoying feeding them.

  8. the sheepdog and the ducks are those popular one too at NZ?

  9. I witnessed sheep shearing too when I was in Sydney 2 years ago. Pity those sheeps, they seems like cry so loud during the shearing, hehe...

    1. But it was a wonderful experience la!

  10. No can try shearing the sheeps? ;p

  11. This is interesting, and it must be a great experience to you!!! =]

  12. well just a few days ago, i saw some sheep like
    animal around here, I'm just not sure if it was
    coz as far as I know they can't be found in hot places
    like ours

  13. that's an interesting show huh,
    I've always wanted to try milking cow haha
    i saw it on some reality tv shows
    and I think it's fun to do it

  14. hmm I somehow pity for those sheered sheep
    haha how would they survive the coldness if it was removed

  15. each has it's own name huh, i wonder how
    they can distinguish them individually
    most of them seems synonymous in appearance

  16. have a great and god blessed day wenn
    take care and enjoy blogging

  17. Did they let the audience try their hands at shearing the sheep?

  18. Ohhhh paiseh..sheep is naked as a jaybird haha

  19. Adoi!!! Botak sheeps, poor wools lost. How long they need to grow them back?

  20. The animals are so tame to stand still and let the audience watch them.

  21. Did they give out the free milk for you to drink? My friend went to one in Australia and drank the milk right from the cow. bluergh!


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