Kawarau Bridge Bungy and Zipride

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy is the World Home of Bungy Jumping. It was from this site in 1988 that Bungy pioneers AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch launched both themselves and an international phenomenon, which has become renowned as one of the most exhilarating things to do in Queenstown – the adventure capital of the world. This has been the world’s best known and best loved Bungy Jump for more than 20 years and it continues to set pulses racing amongst the extreme enthusiasts who visit from all corners of the globe, whether young in age or young at heart. 

view from afar

closer view

view down below

we viewed from here..

Kawarau Zipride
Comprised of three zip lines, allowing for singles or tandems, up to six people can ride at once! At speeds of up to 60kph, riders will cruise 130m alongside the Kawarau River, and at the end be returned to the starting point while taking in panoramic views of the Kawarau Bridge.

getting ready..

without fear..

be prepared..

just relax..

and go..


  1. Wah! The bungee jump originated from there!! Wonderful to hear this.

  2. You surprised me that you are so brave like a Lion!! Your heart is so kind, mana tau hati kuat like Lion. Wakakakakaka.

    You jumped! You did it!

  3. I know I have no guts to ever try bungee jump. I might get heart attack or my heart might come out tru my throat! LOL

  4. Now I have been watching the Coke ad in cinema where the man bungee jumped to pick up the coke to drink. So cool! Did you pick up a can of coke too?

  5. Bungy and zipride... no thanks for me. I very kiasi one.

    1. I have no guts to do this... I'll scream very loud if I'm very brave to do so.

  6. This NZ trip is full of excitement..... previous with boat and now bungy n zip ride...

  7. Have not tried bungee jump yet not sure Bananaz can do it or not? You jump I jump haha.

  8. wwoooo.. I sure dare not go up here!! Height phobia.. :)

  9. interesting!! looks like a must-do in NZ huh?? and thanks for sharing the info about this place, the origin of bungy jump.. :)

  10. hey, was that really you in the photo going all the way to do the bungy jump?? wow, amazing!! i have always wanted to do that, but then the first step out is always so tough~~ hahaha!! kudos to you!! :)

  11. Huwa... bungee jumping, will definitely give me a good shot of adrenaline if I were to try it!

  12. I have height fright, will not dare to try out...

  13. yaick, just the fact that you are in a place
    as high as that, it was already creepy
    but adding the jumping part! that's crazy

  14. I'd rather try the zipride that to try
    that bungy jumping i guess it was the
    scariest thing ever haha

  15. but come to think of it,
    it's worth a try, and i'm sure thats safe

  16. anyway, have you tried it too?
    as for me we have ziplines here too
    and i'm looking forward to try it

  17. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take the best of care and god bless you always

  18. I always wanted to bungee jump ;)

  19. I would to try bungee jump!! Actually it's my wish, hope to try it before I get old, haha xD

    Anyway, the zipride looks exciting also!

  20. The zipride looks fun! You didn't bungy jump did you?

  21. At least you done yours. I always want to go to NZ for a bungee jump. hehehe!

  22. I would never bungy jump but the zip line looks fun!


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