Batman Mug

I got this mug from the movie world at Gold Coast. Initially I got only one but since there was an offer for the next mug, I got a second one!

view inside the mug

look at the unique handle

even dialogues on the surface of the mug


  1. Cool! My husband would love one of Batman's mugs for sure.

  2. You know Wenn, of all the sci-fi heroes, my fav is Batman, cos i just love the black super suit.

    Wish i had that mug too,and my boys will be screaming for joy,

    hey take care now, ya

  3. wah the mugs can double up as comic book :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love no more cupboard space for any....I used to get Christmas mugs in the past...

  6. the comics one is really cool =D

  7. A very special mug with cartoons on it huh! :D It will be better if it can change right?


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