Honest Customer

One night, I was working at the counter. I was keying in the amount of the items bought by a customer. In the midst of it, she wanted a packet of 10kg rice. So I just called out to my worker to bring out the specified rice.

I was still keying in as she bought a lot of items. When it's done, she was searching for the packet of rice. Since it was nowhere to be found, I got her a new packet.

But I was wondering where was that packet of rice so I asked my worker. He said that he had put that packet on the floor.

So I checked the cctv and I found that another customer had picked up that packet of rice and went out of the shop.

Since that had happened, nothing could be done. I just kept quiet about it and I didn't tell my husband too.

After some time, a customer came back with his long receipt and the packet of rice. He thought that we had charged him for the packet of rice that he didn't buy.

I was glad that that packet of rice came back.

When I rechecked the cctv, I realised that it was that honest customer's wife who had taken that packet of rice as she thought that her husband had bought it.

In a nutshell,
If you had mistakenly taken someone's else item, would you return it to the shop owner?


  1. wow...really honest! Most of the folks will just take it home.

  2. they are always nice and honest ppl around. Good that you have got back your pack of rice.

  3. "He thought that we had charged him for the packet of rice that he didn't buy."

    so i thot the customer just you overcharged, and didn't really intend to return the rice??

  4. good also..there are all type of people in this world. The other day you have a dishonest customer now balance out with honest one

  5. That customer must be patronizing your shop frequently and doesn't wish to be misunderstood.

    It is not only the honesty but also the fact that he bothers to bring a heavy pack of rice back to your shop. Thumbs up!

  6. yeah.. he thought u charged him for something he didnt buy..if he knew u didnt charge him.. do u think he will bring it back?
    or did he bring it back after realizing he was not charged for the packet of rice?
    hahaha... i think next time must have a line queue so that collecting money can be done one to one basis...

  7. The answer: Not sure... cuz I'm a bit blurr and hardly check receipt. *pengsan* I would return if I notice, but chances are... wun notice!

  8. I will if I'm not far away from the shop!

  9. good to have such man exist in this world.


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