Mamil Mama

This afternoon a representative from Danone Dumex came to see me. She presented about Mamil Mama to me. I thought she was going to ask me a few quizzes so I was very attentive.

The first time when she came over about a few months ago, I had answered her five questions about Danone Dumex correctly. She gave me 2 pens. Other than that, I had a discount of RM25 for our next Dumex order.

This time, she had a survey form with her. She asked me to grade her presentation and the service rendered by the Dumex salesperson. I gave some comments after which she presented me with this pink bag.

She also gave me 2 boxes of samples and leaflets to be given to pregnant customers.

So ladies, if you feel you need the sample, tell me soon..I can post to you.

Furthermore, if you call up the hotline and sign up as a member of the Mamil Mama Gold Club, you will receive a nice baby blanket with compliment from Danone Dumex.

Thanks, Danone Dumex!


  1. I used the handle Dumex's loyalty programs when I worked for a database firm. They are very generous!

  2. aiyah, Mamil Mama only kah? Got any good offer from Mamex Gold? If u got any news abt Mamex Gold, pls post up in your blog. Thx.

  3. 2 years ago i received a CNY hamper from them.. this year, nothing :(

  4. I should have bought from you months ago for my wife. LOL :D

  5. I don't give formula to my little boy, still purely breastfeeding him up to now.


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