Make Amends

If you still recall the incident at my shop entitled a mistake, let me tell you that I had made the amends...

After a few reviewing of the cctv, I realized that the old lady had actually placed the note on the counter next to my cashier's cash machine.

My cashier didn't notice it as she was busy with the other customer on her right side. When she's done, she dealt with the next customer on her left. This customer had put her single item next to the note left on the counter.

My cashier thought that the note belonged to this customer so she just grabbed the note, keyed in the price of the item, put it inside the cash drawer and gave the change to the customer.

At the meantime I was done with the testing of the old lady's lanterns. My cashier wanted to collect the payment from her and that was when she insisted that she had put the note on the counter.

Well, I didn't feel good as it was not the old lady's fault. I really hope to meet her and make amends. So yesterday, when I was walking along the corridor to get to a shop to buy food, I saw her in a restaurant helping out.

I quickly went back to my shop and got some notes (her supposed balance) from my cash drawer. I walked back to that restaurant and called her.

I apologised to her that we had unintentionally mistaken her for not putting the money on the counter at all. Surprisingly, she smiled and said it's alright.

So that solved the problem. Otherwise, I wouldn't be feeling good at all. Thank God that the mistake had been amended.


  1. phew... that solves the mistake! now it is alright again...
    as we go thru life, sure we come across incidents in our life we will never forget.. :)

  2. wow...lucky you manage to meet up with her again. Good that every misunderstanding are now cleared.

  3. It's great that you managed to make amend . And kudos to you for having guts to go up to her and apologise though she might have shout at you again.

  4. At least now the problem is solved right? :D

  5. wow, luckily you managed to get the things sorted out, else you lose a good customer.. :)

  6. It's good that you found the old lady and give her the refund, she might not want to step into your shop after that!

  7. Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


  8. Well done, Wenn!
    It does feel good to right any wrong. :)

  9. The amendment worth more than money notes.

  10. We should have more people like you in this world! ;)

  11. I see... it was such a careless act of your cashier, luckily the old lady didn't mind at all! Huhuhu! Wenn is kind hearted too!:)

  12. As long as there's no more misunderstanding...

  13. It always feel nice to make amend & good it's sorted out

  14. Wenn, you have done a very noble act. It takes a lot of courage to do this but you have shown great leadership. What a happy ending and Cheers!


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