Who doesn't need shoes? Of course, everyone does! But, are you wearing the right type of shoes? Let's see if you do.

According to Startrite, we need good fitting shoes and we should know how to wear it correctly. We should also know how to buckle up shoes correctly for our children.

As for the case of young kids, parents need to make sure that their kids' shoes fit them well. As we know, kids grow up very fast and so do their tiny feet.

How do you know what are the sizes of your children's shoes? Do you simply wear it for your kids and justify for yourselves? I suppose so. That's what we normally do but I can assure you that those shoes that you have chosen wouldn't be the perfect ones.

It's better if we know how to measure kids' feet by using Click'n'Fit.

Even we adults need proper shoes or else it would affect our posture and spine too.

There should be no problem for adults as we know if it hurts but what about kids? Do they complain? I doubt so as they are unaware of the seriousness of good shoes. They just wear what parents give them. And normally we parents would just easily buy new ones without realizing that we have bought the wrong shoes.

So to ensure that we parents are doing the right thing for our kids, visit Startrite to see how to choose the correct baby shoes for them. Get some tips on caring for those little feet.

There we can choose from a variety of shoes which look much elegant for girls and even macho for boys.

How I wish I had this information during my time. So I would like to encourage all young parents to acquire their knowledge regarding these shoes.


  1. These are really great ideas!! Yes shoes are just so important for everyone.

  2. yeah! Without proper shoes we will get injured easily. :D

  3. thanks for the info, yeah, i think a pair of suitable shoes is important..

  4. cool video ! with this sweet girl i love this very much.


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