We caught a shoplifter

This happened two weeks ago.

This old man used to come to our shop to buy a can of beer. He doesn't talk much and his action is very slow.

On this fateful day, a worker walked past the beer section and saw this man putting his hand into his pocket and there was not a can of beer to be seen on his hand. He paid for something else at the counter.

So this worker quickly browsed the cctv and managed to get evidence of the shoplifting done by this old man.

I was told about it so I captured his act of shoplifting with my camera.

When my husband came back , I showed him the video and related what had happened.

The next day, when I went to the shop after my lunch, I noticed that the old man was standing outside the shop. I asked my husband and he said that he had asked the old man to pay for the can of beer otherwise he wouldn't be allowed to enter our shop anymore.

Sure enough, he dared not enter the shop anymore..

A lesson learnt: Can never predict a person by his/her look.


  1. The habit of shoplifting could very well be a mental disorder too, coz even celebrities have been known to do so. Yup, agreed with you that a persons physical appearance could be deceiving ;)

  2. khengsiong, no, we don't do that.

  3. Oh dear, what the old man did was not nice.
    Two months ago, the day's takings went missing from the drawer in my friend's shop. They suspected the old lady with 2 little girls but then they had no evidence. Have to be extra careful nowadays.

  4. cant judge a person by their look ya.

  5. Ran out of money from buying beer? :/

  6. the old man should ever be so grateful that you didn't report him to the police with the evidence.

    but i wonder if he would change his ways?

  7. Shoplifting is very rampant but I have some very sad stories to tell too about innocent people who were wrongly accused and that marred their lives forever!!

  8. Good thing you got the cctv to check!

  9. Always have to be careful nowadays. Though its sad when you can't trust ppl anymore, young or old. :(

  10. great job!! i definitely don't like all these people who are taking advantage of others..

  11. You have shown kindness in giving him a chance to repent. Hope he doesn't do it again.

  12. that's not a nice thing done by that old man.


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