ETS at Ipoh Railway Station

Yesterday I sent off my BIL and SIL to Taiping. They had been with us in Ipoh since last Sunday. From Taiping, they will be in Penang and then off to Sabah.

I will get to see them again this Sunday when we get together for a grand dinner.

So there I was at the Ipoh Railway Station wanting to get a close look at the ETS.

ETS - Electric Train Services

ETS started its operation on the 12 August this year.

It takes less than 2 hours to reach KL from Ipoh.

Both my BIL and SIL took the KTM to Taiping.
Ipoh is the last stop for the ETS.
In future, ETS would go further north.

My BIL asked the station master and he was told to walk over to the opposite platform.

I was lucky to have a close up of these two ETS.

See..I hopped in the ETS and quickly hopped off.

view from the overhead bridge

Ok, we took the lift to the bridge.

Then we took the escalator down to the platform.

I captured this view while I was on the escalator.

I had a clearer view of the ETS from this platform.

Finally, the KTM train arrived and both my BIL and SIL got into the train.

After a short while, the train left.

Have a nice time in Taiping, Penang and Sabah..
my dearest BIL n SIL.

Will see both of you again soon before you leave for Sydney.


  1. woot! like dat i oso can take ETS n visit Ipoh!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So there is ETS from Taiping to Ipoh?

  3. West Malaysia is developing faster than East Malaysia by the look of it... I love trains.

  4. tekkaus, there is only KTM from Ipoh to Taiping. No ETS to Taiping yet.

  5. Oh didnt know Ipoh got this facility oh...good!

  6. hehehe..i wanted to post up ets too.. no time yet! :)

  7. It looks not bad much is the fare?...
    Next time, If I got go KL for holiday,then can take train visit u ya.

  8. Less than 2 hours?! Sounds great, should plan an IPOH trip soon!^-^

    Happy holiday!

  9. wow..thanks for sharing all those photos. Jz heard abt it and haven't got chance to see it. And now Yessss...thks again.

  10. heard of this ets. Super fast. Would love to try it next time....

  11. Oh ETS sudah started..what is the fare like from KUL to IPOH? tQ

  12. the new train looks nice and comfortable.. :)

  13. It's only Rm30 from KL central to Ipoh. I would try it soon.

  14. if only the service connects all the major towns.

  15. the train's front looks like a caterpillar


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