A friend in need is a friend indeed

I own this Toyota Unser since 2000. I had experienced many incidents with this vehicle but never before in a row.

The story..

Last Saturday, I drove back home in the evening to take my dinner. After I had my bath and had taken my dinner, I was ready to drive back to the shop. To my surprise, my unser's engine was dead. It shouldn't be as I had the new battery just about 2 months away.

So I drove the other car, Corolla, back to the shop and told my husband about it. He immediately called the mechanic. Quickly, I went back to my house and waited for him. He was fast and came in just a short while.

After checking the battery which condition was still good, he realized that the knob on top of the battery had loosen. So he just tighten it and the engine was back to good.

I asked him, "Are you sure it's ok? We are going to KL tomorrow."

He replied, "Should be no problem."

The next morning, that was last Sunday, my husband drove it all the way to KL. When we reached a car park, he switched off the engine. Then when we were ready to go on, it happened again. The engine couldn't start.

Oh my goodness, guess what happened..

The knob had snapped and it was impossible to do anything except to call for a mechanic.

My husband asked a guard to recommend a mechanic and he could only come in 2 hours time. I was thinking, "Why not I call my brother to see if he could help."

I called my third brother's hp but there was no answer so I called his home. Again no answer. Never mind, I called my fourth brother and there was no answer too. Guess he was in church.

What else could I do except to call my long-lost friend whom I met again 3 months ago. When I called her, she was having her lunch with her family in a restaurant. She told me she would call me back later. But later would be too late!

I quickly said. "I need your help." Sensing my urgency, she talked to me and I told her everything. She was going to get back to her place and called her mechanic there as she hadn't got his phone number right then.

Ok, that took her about half an hour and when she called me again, my husband agreed to take her mechanic rather than the first one. So we waited for another half an hour. My friend and her husband drove the mechanic to our waiting place.

The mechanic just spent a mere few minutes and everything was back to normal. He just changed a new knob for the battery.

I was really grateful to my friend. She was such a kind person as she insisted to help even when my husband said not to trouble her.

Thank you so much, my dear friend. I really appreciate your kindness..

A friend in need is a friend indeed..


  1. oh yes, that is very true~~ :)

  2. indeed, Wenn!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral


  3. A friend helped you to release the panic button.

  4. firstly, dont trust your mechanic..
    secondly, treasure your friend..

    hahaha..just kidding..maybe your mechanic didnt do a thorough job.. the other day my battery also conked out.. thank God i was in the house then..

  5. Wow, nowadays we hard find any helpful friend like yours!:D

    p/s: I'd think you should trade in your car and get a new one, as this one really gave you a lot of trouble!

  6. Yup! true true! A friend in need, is a friend indeed

  7. That is a good friend..will always be there for you when you need their helps.

  8. sometimes help comes from unexpected places.

  9. Wenn, this friend is a 'God sent' and thank goodness everything went smoothly, otherwise your KL trip will be spoilt.


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