Free Dinner

Yesterday we went to Old Town White Coffee Restaurant for dinner. It was rather quiet. Maybe because it's a weekday.

When we reached there, our favorite section was closed. So we had to sit at the other section.

We happened to sit next to a couple. We could hear them giggling and I thought that they must be having a fun time.

After we had ordered our food, this guy suddenly turned to us and asked us something in Mandarin. So we just apologized for not being able to understand Mandarin.

Surprisingly, he switched to English immediately. My..he spoke fluent English. He asked about the whereabouts of the caves in Ipoh. So I mentioned Sam Poh Tong and Perak Tong.

He queried about the cabs in Ipoh. He realized that there were not many cabs here as compared to KL and Singapore.

Out of curiosity, I asked where's his home town. My guest was right..He's from Singapore.

I offered to draw him a plan to Parkson and then to his hotel, Casuarina.

But, my girl decided to drive them to Parkson instead as we felt that it's not safe for them to walk at night.

So after paying his bill, the young couple followed my girl to the car. At the meantime, my other kids and I were waiting for our food to be served.

After a while, my girl came back and instantly, she received a message from the Singaporean guy. He said that he had paid for our meals!

My goodness..he shouldn't had done that!

Later, when we asked for our bill, the supervisor was surprised that our meal had been paid by a total stranger. The cashier had just collected the payment as requested by the young Singaporean.

This was a rare experience in my lifetime!
Have you experienced that before?

Fyi, I saved RM61 for the day..

Thank you to this Singaporean guy.


  1. That's why! Kindness can go a long way right? Be a little kinder today. :)

  2. What goes around comes around. And so nice the S'porean guy... Not expensive to him though - their currency so strong.

  3. It was nice of that guy to do so.
    Yes, I have experienced the same before and found out the meal was free during payment time.

  4. This is kindness repaid with kindness. Cheers!

  5. Life is interesting that way. Sometimes the smllest gesture means a lot - like your daughter taking them to Parkson and meeting you all, which is a lovely event of their holiday/trip. What goes around comes around (as someone else mention) - which is how the world works :)

    Nice post.

  6. lucky night for you...good heart and good deeds are much appreciated by many. You did the right thing and they were so pleased to thank you in every possible way.

  7. Because your daughter offered to drive them to Parkson?

  8. That's why they felt they need to pay for dinner...??

  9. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! So lucky by just answering simple questions. You must be pretty!

  10. Vy kind of ur girl to drive them to Parkson. So they returned the favour by paying for ur dinner. How nice if there r more of such kindness n generosity in our world.

  11. Because you all helped them and they give you all a treat. So nice.


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