Win an Apple iPad!

Suddenly this message popped up on my screen and it read..

I am selected??

Curiously, I clicked the site and filled up whatever I was asked..

Finally, I was offered a chance to win an Apple iPad!

I answered a few questions and I had one more step to go!

So, without hesitation, I texted ON WIN..

Shortly afterwards, I received this message.

Then, next..

My goodness, I was charged RM4 for this message..

One after another came but it was terminated as my credit was too low.

Phew..Later when I topped up my credit, I quickly texted STOP ALL..

It was a trick..I learned a lesson..

Never ever trust this kind of scam..


  1. Lucky you :) RM4 is very expensive.

  2. Aiyor.....after all the reports, you still went and try? You could have got a serious that you need to send your computer for reformatting!!! Don't click anything that looks suspicious.

  3. The modus operandi of this scam is very easy,, you see if one day there are 100 person fall to this scam, the scammer would have made RM400 nett, how about the next day and the day after..hahahah.

    you are lucky, you could still stop it in time, others got it quite bad, simply because they keep sending back SMS and each SMS you receive, you will always be charged for like at least RM.50,, and worst still,sometime the telco will tell you they can't stop the scammer and only you will have to inform the culprit ..

  4. Wow! They gotcha! But thanks for telling us about this. At least we will not fall victim of this scam.

    I really hate it when I receive contest SMS. I just cannot believe it to be real. Not only that, a scammed call, that tried to fork out my credit card details.

    Just be careful yeah?

    Have a nice day.

  5. Wen, i won't try my luck with this kind of contest! sms here and there ended up the bill shoot up! Not only RM4 but RM40 pula...

  6. Gotta be more careful next time. A lot of scams these days. Luckily u hv no more credit for them to charge. Minimal loss.

  7. I wonder how many peeps have been tricked.

  8. Oh..RM4 is so expensive..I also did try those kind of contest via mobile.....all are scammed mail..

  9. Be careful of people who call your handphone, sms, email and say you win something too. My answer to all these people is either, 1. Nothing is free in this world or 2. There is no such thing as a big bull frog jumping about everywhere in the street, haha!

  10. i never believe this kind of scam though, and hence never even bother to respond.. :p

  11. last time i had to fork out RM500 for my 2nd son to pay these scams.. that time he was so naive.. he thought he could win some money by answering so many questions.. didnt know they were charged 1rm for one!!

  12. Oh dear. The scammers are very clever nowadays. Glad it was only $4 and your credit (hope not too much) that you lost.


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