Vnam Kitchen Restaurant

The night before my BIL and SIL left for Taiping, we had a scrumptious dinner at Vnam Kitchen Restaurant. My SIL simply loves Vietnamese food so I had to take her there to try the food.

This was my second time there.

my SIL and BIL

I was interested in the Vietnam Combination at my first visit.
So for the second time, I ordered the same appetizer again.

The sauce was simply yummy!

This was how it looked after using the Vietnam rice paper.

We had a variety of special dish.

Hop over to Scrumptious to have a close-up view of those specialties.


  1. wenn, i never been there.. where is this location?

  2. Nice place, food looks great. What about the prices? Reasonable?

  3. Vietnamese food very delicious? :D Yeah! Where is this?

  4. interesting dishes most esp the wrapped one

  5. It's in Jalan Seenivasagam, Ipoh. The road is pposite the Excelsior Hotel.

  6. The prices are expensive. Will put the price now.

  7. I really out of touch with Ipoh...hahaha. Got so many lovely places to eat!

  8. I like Vietnamese charcoal roast pork....mmmm nice, had some good ones at Ho Chi Minh

  9. One of the Vietnamese food I like most is the 'French loaf', Vietnamese style.

  10. I love Vietnamese food. Thanks for the intro.

  11. Vietnamese food - good one! BTW, my aunt is a Vietnamese...but she currently stayed wif my uncle in Melbourne hardly she can cook vietnamese food for us! But she did teach my mom how to make that popiah!

  12. Very contemporary vienamese fuse design!


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