Kim Bali

My BIL and SIL came to Malaysia last Friday. They came to Ipoh by ETS last Sunday. I was working and I didn't get to see them until late in the evening when I took them for dinner. They were resting at my place in the afternoon and my girl entertained them.

So when I met them, I quickly took them to the nearest eatery, Kim Bali.

See the food we had on Scrumptious.

Btw, I met the boss of Kimbali for the first time when I paid the bill. He told me he saw my blog about his restaurant.

To appreciate for what I had done, he rewarded me with a voucher of 50% which only valids only on a Friday, that's amazing!

First time being recognized!


  1. wow, nice to have such a boss that appreciates bloggers.. :)

  2. Wow...good. good. :D I wanna make food review too then I can get lots of discounts.:D

  3. Waaah! Waaah! I must blog about Kim Bali twice and get 100% vouchers! LOL...

  4. Wah! I blog about places here...they never gave anything even though I gave them good reviews. Tsk! Tsk!

  5. Congratulations..... haha... am sure u felt surprised to hear that he read your blog.


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