Goodbye my BIL and SIL

My Bil and SIL took the ETS back to KL before they fly back home tomorrow morning.

Here's the ETS

Coach F

Coach E..that's it

Hopped into the coach with them

After some hugs and saying goodbye, I quickly hopped off the ETS.
Goodbye, my dearest BIL and SIL..
See both of you again next year..


  1. this train really looks nice and comfortable..

  2. Hope they enjoy the trip alot..

  3. guess u have a good time with them too! The station looks pleasant as well as the train. Been awhile since I went to Ipoh's railway station!

  4. Nice train! U only see them once a year?

  5. Ya, I get to see them only once a year or maybe once in 2 yrs.

  6. I can only say Ipoh and KL people so lucky....I must try to take a trip one of these days....I used coach in the past from Pudu...hahahaha

  7. I wanna try the ELS the next time I go back to Ipoh.


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