Happy Day

Who was the first to wish me "Happy Birthday" this year? 

Yeah, my son..He even sang the simple song to me. How sweet! 

Then my girl..She was the first to comment on my post, "my special day".

After my post, I went to sleep. It was already 1 am. My husband was already asleep. I got up very early in the morning as I was needed to help my youngest girl transport her stuff from her school to the Perak Trade Center (PTC) in Ipoh for her Science Exhibition. While waiting at the PTC, I called my friend SL who was the first to wish me in Facebook. She was the first person I called making used of the free Maxis calls.

After sending her to the PTC, I went back home. It was already after 9am. I called my ex-colleague who shared the same birthday as me. But I didn't get to talk much as he was in class teaching.

Next I called a friend whom I last seen 5 years ago. I chatted with her and it was great to catch up. My girl called me to wish me too. So sweet!

I proceeded to call my ex-lecturer. I last saw her to get her recommendation letter for my master's application for the teaching of Science and Maths. It was about 4 years ago. But I was not offered as I was supposed to be a TESL teacher. It was great chatting with her as she was free to talk.

After that, I took my lunch and went to work at my husband's place. My husband didn't even wish me. he was really busy. While in the shop, I took the advantage to call and talk to a nice salesperson. And then I phoned to my sister and brother. 

Later in the afternoon, my husband suddenly wished me "Happy Birthday". I simply told him it was already over. He replied, "Where got over? You will be receiving a cake soon from somebody."  

Sure enough, the cake owner sent a cake over to me and said, "It's from your girl."

I guess my husband had gone to the cake shop and was told that my girl had already ordered a cake for me.

When my cake came, my husband wished me and gave me a big fat ang pow! Funny, first time he gave me an ang pow for my birthday..

Later at night, before the special day was over, I had made my wish and blew the candle..

Just hope all my dreams will come true!


  1. a birthday doesn't have to be on that day! everyday canbe your birthday :p.

    i just tell people, i was born differently in different parts of everyday haha!

    Happy belated birthday to you again, Wenn.

  2. Sounds like a nice birthday! Girls are sweet! Whats ang pow?

  3. what a terrific Birthday :) Happy Birthday

  4. How mich? How much in the ang pao? Tell! Tell! LOL!!!

  5. ladyviral, everyday can be our birthday but the actual day is a special day..

  6. Jeanette, an ang pow is a red packet containing money.

  7. suituapui, see if u can guess correctly..

  8. Happy Birthday wenn. Your girl is so thoughtful. It must have been a memorable birthday for you.:)

  9. Thanks and yea, I was blessed with thoughtful kids.

  10. Nice celebration. If we skip celebrating we save the number of years. For more than 10 years have not celebrated then age still maintain? hahaha

  11. so if we don't celebrate at all, then we will be forever young?


    (any chance of taking lunch on Wed next week?)


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