Princess Diana's Memorial

My main purpose at Harrods was to see the Egyptian designs and most of all was to see Princess Diana's Memorial..

Since the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Al-Fayed, Mohamed Al-Fayed's son, two memorials commissioned by Al-Fayed have been erected inside Harrods to the couple. The first, unveiled on 12 April 1998, consists of photographs of the two behind a pyramid-shaped display that holds a wine glass smudged with lipstick from Diana's last dinner as well as what is described as an engagement ring Dodi purchased the day before they died.


  1. wow.. they have a memorial together.. doesn't that confirms their adultry? :3

  2. Oh...doesn't this stir up controversies?

  3. a bit creepie

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

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  4. i just been to the harrods before that accident..

  5. - memorial to remember her, "candle in the wind"

  6. Wow! If go to London, I must go to The Harrods. Heard so much about it. Didnt know there is a special memorial in it.

  7. Nice! I'm surprised that the Roral Family or the UK government allows that. They were never married... If here, sure scandal already, big issue!!!

  8. I heard Al Fayed had sold off Harrods but they still kept the memorial there! How nice! Maybe I will visit Harrods again next year.


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