A tribute to our dog

Wasn't he handsome? He was with us for almost 11 years and yesterday he passed away peacefully.

He is a great dog. He used to wait at the door for me. I knew he wanted to be stroked . He's just like a baby. Recently, he had arthritis and he couldn't walk properly. My girl took him to see a veterinarian and he was on medication.

But his condition didn't actually improve. Few days ago, he was just lying down on his side. Imagine him lying on the same spot whole day long. We had to shift him occasionally.

He was still fine until last Sunday. I realized that he was messy. So before I went to work, I actually bathed him for the first time. My girl helped by pouring water on him while I slowly rubbed his body of his mess. Then I had to use my hair dryer to dry him up. He's afraid of the cold so I had to warm him up.

After cleaning him, I left him. But he couldn't walk anymore. Later my girl bathed for him again. When I came back in the evening, I checked on him. He was messy again. I had to clean him up again. He was all clean again.

Later in the evening, my husband was cleaning outside the compound and he was looking out. He was fine as he managed to put up his head. I thought that he was fine until the next morning ie yesterday.

Once again, I cleaned him up. I realized that he was not too good. I had to tell my eldest girl. She loves him the most. I told her to get back as it might be too late. So she decided to come back yesterday night. I was hoping that he would survive till then.

But when my son checked on him in the evening, he was lifeless..

I had to come back. Sure enough, he's gone. Quickly, I called my eldest girl and conveyed the sad news. She insisted on coming back.

Later in the evening, my husband put him in a box and dug a hole for him.

When my eldest girl was back at night, I picked her up after my work and once we reached home, we proceeded with a burial for him.

My husband helped to bury him too. It was a sad send-off for our favorite dog. It was so sad..

Rest in Peace, our cute dog..


  1. Yeah he is handsome like his ears. Sorry to hear the sad news may he RIP.

  2. Thanks, Bananaz..indeed he had nice ears.

  3. dogs are man best friend... RIP and you take care too Wenn..

  4. So sorry for your loss. Such a sad day for you :(

  5. Oh poor thing! My daughter would love a dog like that - she loves animals.

  6. Sorry for your loss... i still cant picture that day to come for Pepper and Tango - i fear, i'd go mental :P

  7. may he rest in peace.

    i remember when my dog had to be put to sleep. it put me into tears. as he was being driven away with those sad eyes, i was chasing after the truck :(.

    your dog and my dog are in a better place now. lets hope they meet :).

  8. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Your dog looked great and handsome overall. The burial reminded me of myself burying my sister's cat.

  9. Oh, so sorry to hear about this. May he RIP.

  10. Dear friends, thanks..He's not suffering anymore.

  11. rest in peace ... :(

    btw wenn, i have received the parcel. Thanks so much!!!!

  12. almost like a member of the family, yes?


  13. that's so sad :( a dog is more than just a pet in the family! im sure ur whole family misses him alot. my condolences to u and ur family!


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