Lost A Friend Forever

I knew this friend when we were in Form 4. I was from the Convent School while he was from the St George School. My school and his school had camps together and that was how we met. We became good friends.

He would visit me and spent his time talking to me about school subjects. We even shared notes.

When we left the school, we still kept in touch. When I was studying in KL, he came to visit me a few times. Most of the time, we wrote to each other.

After my teacher's training, I was sent to Pasir Mas and I hardly saw him. When I got my transfer back to Ipoh, I was glad that he was working in Ipoh. So I could meet him easily.

He was just like a brother to me as he treated me like a sister. He had no sisters. He even knew my boyfriend then. 

So just before I got married, I met him and told him about it. He told me that he had planned to go to Sabah for better future. So we just said goodbye.

Since that day, I didn't hear from him anymore. I was too busy with my work and family that I couldn't be bothered to look out for him. Anyway, I couldn't as he didn't give me his new address. As time went by, I had forgotten all about him.

Recently, I was trying to search for him through facebook. I search for him at St George website. No one seemed to know his whereabout. One day, I met my friend in Singapore and I asked her about him. She told me that she saw a picture of him during the school annual dinner. He was deceased.  

I couldn't believe it. I searched his name and got another similar name. Without thinking, I wrote to that person, 'Hi, do you know this person,...?' I was so surprised when he replied that the person I was looking for was actually his brother. 

It was confirmed that he had passed away a couple of years ago...

So sad..he's gone forever. May he Rest In Peace..


  1. Sorry to hear that. May he rest in peace.

  2. So sad. We must make the most of the time we have to keep the peace and spread the love...just in case if tomorrow never comes. My cousin, one year older than me, went for a movie last week...and did not feel too good after the show and they took him to the hospital - he died there and then. Healthy, active...and not fat, like me. These things are not up to us - it's all in God's hands.

  3. Sometimes,in life we do encounter that so called little "regret",when we were younger,we thought,"never mind,our friends will live forever" but when we were trying to rekindle the old flames of friendship,suddenly all is too late...

    I believe now,(may be because of age)it is always good to keep in touch,just to say hi,just spread some love and it would be all nice,,even here in blog,we may not have met up,we may not have developed "real friendship" but then again, we are still friends,for coming here to read and to say hi," I am here" makes me feel good and I hop you feel likewise.

    take car now,,,,,,,,,give love and spread love ya

  4. this is really saddening.. someone whom you've been so closed with, lost in touch, and when you find him years later he is no longer there.. may he RIP..

  5. sorry to hear that. May your friend RIP.

  6. Sad to know that...
    Like you, I tried searching FB for my childhood friends especially a guy from st. michael but to no avail.. the names they show are similiar but not the same person.. i will try again..

  7. Sorry to hear you have lost your friend forever may he RIP.

  8. My deepest condolences... I know how hard it feels, to lost someone who has jotted memories in our past.:(

  9. I also lost several friends who died before they reached 30 years old. It made me change and value my friends.


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