Apple 1 Hotel

Last Friday, I decided to make my holiday break a little longer. Initially, my intention was just to meet my friends for lunch in Taiping and then to get back to Ipoh. I was supposed to go alone to Taiping but when I mentioned that I wanted to go to Queensbay Mall for window-shopping, my girls wanted to follow. So that was how I googled for a hotel. And I found Apple 1 Hotel which offered only RM168 for a family room.

When we reached there, we were told that there wasn't any family room for us. How disappointing! They had saved only a standard room for us. I was not happy and suggested that we couldn't trust

The person in charge called the boss who suggested that some of us had to stay elsewhere to be offered by him. I insisted that we came as a family and why should we stay apart. He had no choice but to let us have the room. But I could tell that it's going to be very crowded. Just have a look at the size of the room..

a Queen size bed..

and a small toilet..

air-conditioning was ok

a water heater too

at the counter

near the entrance..

Well, nothing much could be done. We walked across to the Queensbay Mall. After a short while, the person in charge called me that another room was available and asked if I wanted that. That was fine so I went back to the hotel to pay for the room. I was surprised that he told me that the boss let me have the two rooms at the price of a family room That was one happy news. Otherwise I would have to pay an extra of  RM28 as the standard room cost RM98 each.


  1. they should absorb all cost since they did not reserved your room..

  2. Oh it wasn't too bad then. But would you trust again?

  3. Wow! Sound too good to be true. Lol!


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