The Streams at Queensbay Mall

I have not experienced fish pedicures before. So I took this chance when I was at the Streams at Queensbay Mall. It just cost RM25 for 30 minutes.

I asked the guy and he could speak English..

I saw this at the entrance to the spa room..

Here's the room..

I sat at the far end facing the window glass..

It was ticklish at the beginning..
Those fishes kept on nibbling and nibbling on my toes and feet..

After the session, my feet felt so smooth..

A very nice experience indeed!


  1. Oh no!!! They say can spread disease like hepatitis...

  2. pedicure? manicure? not bad, pamper yourself once in a while is good

  3. hmmm, i won't try this as this is reported to be contagious of skin illness..


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