I salute

Well, my friend's husband loves to go for wedding dinners or any other dinners. I guess he loves to drink more than enjoying those dishes. As for my friend, she enjoys the food more than anything else.

Every time, her husband would just sit for a while and then he would be all over the place "Yum Seng" until at a certain stage, he got drunk.

When he is drunk, he could sing and even dance. She just ignored whatever he was enjoying. At times, the people surrounding him might be wondering if she ever get angry. She didn't seem to get angry or show any disapproval. She just let him be.

Some concerned people would make sure that she drives him home. She would say, "Don't worry. He's fine." According to her, he could find his way home even though he's drunk. She would normally take over the wheel unless he seems ok to her..

Well, it has been many years for her getting accustomed to this situation..I salute her..


  1. its not healthy, nor safe to be in a perpetually drunk state. I hope you control your husband when he drinks, don't overdo it :)

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  2. when she loves her man, she loves everything of him.. :)

  3. I used to like going to such dinners but now I dont really like it. I dont mind once in blue moon as I can dressed up and have fun. But not too often. ;p

    I am not a drinker so I seldom drink, because I know my limit. As for my hubby, no matter how drunk he was, he would find his way home. got one time he was too drunk that he managed to drive through the porch, park his car and dozed off till he wake up himself! ;p

  4. She knows him best and is standing by him...Yes..I salute her too. And there are also lots of similar couples out there.

  5. What a coincidence, I just experienced a similar situation too. I'm just amazed how my aunt puts up with her hubby all these years. Thank heavens he only gets comical and lovey-dovey when "high". Aggressive drunks are worse.


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