Lup Chun

2012 will be the year of the dragon which starts on Lup Chun (Li Chun). Lup Chun is the first day of the spring and it falls on 4 Feb 2012..

 I didn't know about this day until a few hours ago. My staff told me about it and I wanted to try it after work. So 10 minutes before midnight, my girl tried it and it worked..

Strange, it stood there until midnight and it rolled over..

Happy and Prosperous Day!


  1. Is that a egg? Strange if it is!! Maybe I should try that!

  2. i saw many friends posted this on facebook.. it really work?? i'm very curious the reason behind..

  3. Interesting! Didn't know about this! :)

  4. Never know about this thing...

  5. Never know about this thing...

  6. Use Uhu glue also can....ha ha ha

  7. interesting finding here. heard about it before, but never tried yet

  8. Heard about this before ... but didnt really dwell into when and how... :)


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