This year I put this ang pow of RM168 under my pillow. It sounds like 'yat loh fat' which is meant for prosperity. It's a belief so it should work when you believe it.

Last year I just put in RM16.80. This year I put in more hoping to be more prosperous..

and furthermore it's for Good Luck too..

Wishing all of you a prosperous new year and good luck.


  1. haha, you have that habit of keeping an angpow under your pillow??

  2. The same to you.

    Hmmm how about 163..3 sound like "sang". Sang sang mang mang(healthy), sang yi heng loong.

  3. I have an angpao in my pillow too! it was put by Janice, not sure whats the reason though

  4. So next year you will put RM1,668? : D

  5. Gosh so superstitious. But i suppose there's no harm to it! ;)

  6. Should put 168 million. Bigger value bigger luck.....rupiah also can lah...he he he

  7. I believe you! I put red packets in every room and corner of the house. I saw results too!


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