Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

This is something interesting. Can't wait to experience it..

The Alpine Route is a spectacular scenic passage over the Japanese Alps connecting Nagano Prefecture’s Omachi with Toyama Prefecture and the Sea of Japan. This is an area of immense snowfall, and when the road opens in mid May, it is surrounded on both sides by walls of snow 10 meters tall. 

Special hybrid busses carry amazed passengers from the Toyama side to Murodo, which is the starting point to climb the peak of Mount Tateyama, one of Japan’s Three Sacred Mountains. 

From Murodo, the route conveys people on an exciting variety of transportation including cable car and ropeway to massive Kurobe Dam then through a 6.1 km tunnel (an amazing engineering feat) to the Omachi side.


  1. What a great experience!!..I'm sure you are going to experience it..good luck..

  2. interesting!! you must go there!!

  3. This place is beautiful. I hope you'll get good weather when you are there :)

  4. What a good timing! I will be visiting Japan soon. I must check out where Toyama is. The Alpine photo is amazing.

  5. a ropeway sounds interesting there! must visit this place if i have a chance :)

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  6. Never been there la, Wenn..something new to me.. :)


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