Away for the weekend

I really look forward to this weekend. Will be going somewhere for a short holiday and also to attend a wedding dinner. 

I booked this hotel deluxe room about a month ago. And I'm already being charged instantly through my credit card. So once decided, I must make it. Otherwise, I would lose that amount of money.

That means I won't be around to help my husband. He has to make do. Luckily it's a weekend, I don't need to do the account. But once I'm back from this weekend trip, I would be real busy for a while.

Well, that's life. As long as I'm happy, everything will be just fine..

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. have a good time this weekend ya! Enjoy life!

  2. enjoy your break!! have a nice trip.. :)

  3. so how was the trip? hoped you had a great weekend (^.^)


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