Nesvita Omega Promotion

Well, this particular customer came to my shop this morning as she had brought the three barcodes as required in order to claim the rebate of RM10 on the fourth packet of Omega milk powder. 

I checked the barcodes and found out that one of them belonged to the older batch. This promotion is only valid for the new batch as I can differentiate it by looking at the barcode.

So when I pointed out to the customer that one of the barcodes was not valid, she was not happy. She insisted that she bought the milk powders from us every month. Accordingly, this promotion only started in Feb. That could easily meant that one of them was bought in January.

Because of this misunderstanding, she refused to give in and she snatched back her three pieces of barcodes and went away angrily..

Another occasion:

This lady came in with two empty packets of the milk powder but those were not bought from us. According to the rules and regulation, customers have to buy from us to be entitled. But she wanted to get the third and fourth packets from us. So what should I do. If I refused to accept, then I would lost some business. I had no choice but to accept and I reminded her that in future those milk powders should be bought from us. 

Sometimes it's rather difficult for us to track them. At times they bought from else where but they claimed from us.

So we have to be flexible and act wisely..


  1. Quite tough right? I guess sometimes you need to bend the rules a bit so as not to lose the customer. But if the customer seldom shop at your place, then no need to bend the rules lah : )

  2. Not easy to be a Boss, right? Either you lose some customers or you got to adapt to them...

  3. Just tell them, no receipt no talking. :p

  4. Being a boss is not easy...have to be more flexible in order to get business in.

  5. yes, this is really a tough situation.. either to protect yourself or you lose the customer.. maybe you should ask them to show you the receipt..


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