Happy 1st Anniversary, Mariah!

I started working on 1 March 2008. This staff also started on the 1 March but last year. So she has been working at our shop for a year already. The rule of the game is the person who managed to survive a year has to give a treat.

 Happy Anniversary, Mariah!

So today she treated us curry chicken. I sponsored the potatoes and the bread..It was such a simple yet happy occasion!


  1. haha, as if it's so tough to survive through a year~~

  2. I thought the boss have to give the treat? :)

  3. Not bad oh..your staff give a treat..

  4. Huh? How come the staff have to give a treat?

  5. SK, indeed it's tough to survive..many didn't survive a year.

  6. Claire, the boss has been treating them every now and then. So it's their turn..

  7. Got such rule one ah, Boss? LoL!


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