Lost and found

Have you ever lost your purse or wallet? I have never lost my purse before. I am very careful about keeping my purse. 

But this morning, I was in a hurry. I just threw my purse into my shopping bag which contained other stuff too. I stopped at the coffee shop, took the tiffin carrier out from the bag so as to buy some ready cooked food. After that, I put the carrier at my husband's shop and at the same time, I collected those bills to be paid.

Off I went to the post office. Put the parking ticket but I was at the post office for just 5 min. I just sent a letter by Pos Laju and paid my Indah Water bill. Then I turned around and went to the Tenaga Nasional to pay my electricity bills. It was fast today.

Next I drove all the way to Maybank. Suddenly I realized that my purse was nowhere to be found. I guess I must have forgotten to take it after all. Without hesitation, I quickly paid all my credit cards bills. Then to Maxis centre to pay my husband's phone bill and lastly I paid the car instalment at Hong Leong bank.

My house is not far away so I quickly drove back home. I searched for my purse but it was not at home. I was thinking that I would have to make a police report.

Anyway, I got to get back to my husband's shop first. I thought may be I should search my car again. And voila, it was just near the safety belt lock.

Luckily I didn't panic in the first place. All I could say was, "Thank God!"


  1. oh lucky you have found it back..

  2. How did you pay all your bills when your purse is not with you?

  3. Must use chain and attach to handbag liao...he he he

  4. It's really lucky to find back what you lost..

  5. Merryn, I paid the bills by cheque and cash which I put in my pocket.


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