Great to be a boss?

Well, I am not the boss. My husband is. I prefer to regard myself as part of the staff rather than being a boss. A boss has so much responsibilities whereas a staff has limited ones. Don't you agree?

In our situation, the staff has just got to do what they need to do during that span of working time whereas the boss won't stopping thinking. For instance, my husband has no peace of mind even though he is eating at that time. I used to pack lunch for him around 11am but he won't have the time to eat until it's late in the afternoon. Sometimes as late as almost 3pm.

On the other hand, a staff has his/her lunch hour. At that time, he/she has all his time to relax and even has his/her peace of mind to sit back and use the phone. But in the case of the boss, it's different. Even though he uses the phone while eating, it's all about work.

What can I do? I can only do my part. I usually eat before I go to work. If I do bring lunch to work, my box of lunch will take me hours to finish. No choice, I can't hide as I need to serve the customers. That's why I say I would rather be a staff..I can easily hide away and take my lunch quietly but that's impossible..

So that's it. Only hope my husband could relax a bit while taking his meals..


  1. That's life. A boss is on call 24 hrs a day.

  2. Not easy being a boss, big responsiblities but sometimes remunerations are great.

  3. Yeah....a lot of people think that being the boss is relaxing..I don't think so. :/

  4. Yeah a boss has more responsibility, more stress and more burden, hence he earns more money. In the end, the boss needs to think whether it's all worth it in terms of health and financial freedom : )

  5. "See-thau-poh" is the hidden power behind the red curtain! mwahahahaha

  6. For me I prefer to be a staff too...have fixed time in works and got paid every month end.

  7. true, when you're a staff you think being a boss is great, only until you become a boss yourself.. :)

  8. You are the boss's boss. You can choose when to work and when to cook.

  9. Agreed! it is more fun to be staff than be your own boss. Cos I am the latter now. Everyone taking off and leave, but I can't. Lol!


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