Restaurant Hainan Kitchen

The first thing that we did when we reached Genting was to hunt for food. We didn't take our lunch yet. So the first restaurant that we saw would be our target..

Here's Restaurant Hainan Kitchen

The food that we had..
Hainan Fried Rice RM14.50

Fish and Chips RM20

Crispy Pork Chop RM21.50

Exec Club RM17.50

Fried Toast and Ice-Cream RM6.90
Very expensive indeed but satisfying as we were rather hungry..
Note: 10% service charge and 6% govn tax.


  1. one thing i can comment on food up there in Genting - expensive and not nice!!!

  2. Agree with SK - Genting food are mostly expensive and not nice but I guess you don't have much of a choice when you are hungry right? : )

  3. and even casino food is bad. casino food supposed to be nice

  4. Agree, Genting food is expensive and not nice.

  5. It is expensive!!!! But what to do... up there, all oso expensive.

  6. I calculated the exchange rate and it seems like good prices compared to here. However like lots of places here the food is not very healthy.

  7. everything's expensive up there..

    but you must try the food at the mushroom farm, they have a van to fetch you down. and its really reasonably priced, the food and tasty

  8. Hainan is getting expensive,i take other restaurant :(

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