Oshino Hakkai

This ia a must-visit place..

Oshino Village used to be a lake called Lake Utsu for a long time ago. When Mt. Fuji erupted, lava from Mt. Fuji covered the north part of Lake Utsu. Then, the south part of Lake Utsu (宇津湖) becomes Lake Yamanaka, and the covered area became Oshino Village. The spring spots of Mt. Fuji were still left in the same spots. So, eventually water spring in Oshino Village, and they were called Oshino Hakkai.

Because Mt. Fuji is believed as a spiritual mountain, the water of Oshino Hakkai was called “The spring of God.” Those believers created many local legends. Now, Oshino Hakkai is one of the National Treasure of Japan, and 100 best water of Japan.

Eight Springs
Deguchi Pond
Okama Pond
Sokonuke Pond
Choshi Pond
Waku Pond
Nigori Pond
Kagami Pond
Shobu Pond



  1. national treasure and best water?? MUST VISIT no doubt!!

  2. looks like a great place to explore.

  3. Lots of large fishes in there....tangkap, goreng, sedap! lol!


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