Hello Athens

Departed to Athens via Dubai. Upon arrival, we will be met by a travel guide at the Athens airport. Then check in at the hotel. We will be free to explore on our own until dinner time.

The weather:
8 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius

Warm clothing and winter attire required.


  1. have a great holiday and enjoy your trip to the fullest!! :)

  2. So, you are helping to save Greece's economy, LOL...

  3. Have fun and enjoy your holiday!

  4. Wow, that's quite cold. I did not expect the weather to be this cold at this time of the year. Just relax and enjoy yourself! :)

  5. Have great fun and enjoy At H∑ns..;).

  6. wow wenn be safe there make sure you
    keep yourself warm ok?
    and most importantly enjoy your stay there

  7. im looking forward to see
    your pictures and hear your story about
    that place

  8. anyway i always wanted to try winter clothing
    haha but here it means torture to death
    haha just like sauna i guess

  9. have a great day in athens wenn
    take care and god bless

  10. Eh! It looked like you went on your own and hired a local tour guide?

  11. Athens is so far away at the other end of Europe! You sure spent hours flying above the clouds!

  12. Happy holiday once again.


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