korea Day 3

Yesterday, we flew back to Gimpo from Jeju Island.
Goodbye Jeju..

We had Steamboat..

and Claypot rice for lunch.

Next, we made ice-cream at the Auna Farm.
Green tea flavor

Visited the calves
and the cows too..

For dinner, we had chicken again..

Lastly, we checked in at this modern hotel.


  1. The claypot rice looks very tasty!

  2. ooopsss, almost miss this post.. ah, nice food and it's great to see that this time, you were brought to have local food instead of Chinese, haha~~ :p

  3. I didnt taste any claypot rice and make ice cream in Korea. ^^

    Nice post here, Wenn.

  4. I like their steamboat.. mostly vegetables and not so oily.. my kids love their fried rice... No ice cream though maybe because it was winter then... I think summer and winter, the places are not quite the same.. :)

  5. Your whole tour itinerary looks different from mine. I went elsewhere and ate other dishes. Maybe my Winter trip had to follow the seasonal places and food. I bet you shopped and ate a lot.

  6. Yep saw this in FB and loved it immediately.. I like steamboat and ice cream! Yummzzz

  7. You experienced ice cream making, cool!
    I tried making own cheese when I was at Korea, nice too!


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