Amsterdam cruise

I like cruises but I was not too keen about this cruise. We were under the hot sun!

Anyway, the hot day wouldn't spoil my day..Here are some of my favorite views..

I like this..

can hop on hop off


cool city view

bicycles parading along the bridge

like this typical house

getting hotter..still hanging on

nice bridge view

lovely buildings

Finally, it was over and I was relieved.

I still prefer the Rhine cruise in Heidelberg.


  1. Wah! So many cruises in one trip...

  2. oh, did you see the world's narrowest house over there?? i think it's just 1 meter wide if i'm not mistaken..

  3. sunny... lovely place isn't it? I would love to go see too ^^

  4. I have a got friend staying in Armsterdam,she is from Penang, she always asks me to visit her, she says it is a very nice place,,, now looking at your pics, i am convinced that it is...........

  5. My girl will love it, she always bug us for cruise ride ever since we brought her to the Malacca one.

  6. what a magical journey, Wenn!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    BLOGGER is not updating my links again, so please come and visit; thanks!

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  7. Love the cruise can see nice old houses. Our tour guide told us to watch for the big hook at the roof top of all the old houses which is used to hang the pulley to lift furnitures up to their rooms upstairs from the ground floor outside the house as the main door is too small. tQ.

  8. who would have thought of you from Malaysia finding it hot in Europe.

    WE have a bus called hop on hop off.

  9. Never been Amsterdam yet. Maybe next time.

  10. This boat trip reminds me of Melaka today with its short boat cruises to view the city. That is the closest I have been!


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