In Nederland, I stayed in Artemis, Dutch Design Hotel. I love the interior design of it.

Have a look at the following modern artifacts..

And best of all, I found this secluded corner..
No one seemed to be using it. I used it in the morning before I went out and also at night before I went to bed. It was indeed awesome without any interruption at all. Furthermore, it's free! Not like when I was in HN Heidelberg Hotel where I had to pay for my usage.


  1. Thank you for visiting us. We're glad you found that computer to use. If only we can have such facilities in our country!

  2. Any other country in the world where you have never been to yet? :)

  3.'s an exhibition in the hotel? ha :D

  4. Internet is a lifeblood for us blogger :)
    I like the hotel looks.

  5. Owner is Eoin Colfer ke? Coz he is the author of Artemis Fowl Series

  6. Artemis? Name sounds familiar... LOL!!! Ya...expensive hotels should be able to provide free internet access. And they charge soooo much! Tsk! Tsk!

  7. i always love contemporary design rather than traditional cultural design..

  8. The interior looks more like an Art gallery or museum thn a hotel, lol!

  9. It would be nice staying in this hotel. Love the interior design.


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