London Eye View

Why did we get up the London Eye? Of course, we had to view London from atop..

up, up above all..

The spectacular views of the River Thames..

Magnificent skyline of London..

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment

London Aquarium

Here's the last view of the London Eye before we adjourned elsewhere..


  1. so beautiful!!
    thanks so much for sharing these interesting photos.

    i'm missing london!

  2. Amazing views! I won't have much time in London but I'd like to see these views!

  3. Beautiful bird's eye view of whole of London.

  4. Nice views...but high! LOL!!!

  5. Spectacular scene.. i wonder whether my legs will turn jelly!

  6. Lovely. I will visit this place when I go to London.

  7. I bet the view up there is way better than the ones in Malacca. :p

  8. Awesome view from up there. At least the capsules are big. Can accommodate so many ppl. Not so scary, I suppose, compared to being in a small confined space.


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