When we reached Heidelberg, we had Chinese lunch. After that, we had to walked on the Old Bridge to get the faraway view of the Heidelberg Castle.

 Heidelberg Old Bridge

 the statues at the bridge

 view of the Heidelberg Castle from the bridge
It is a famous ruin in Germany and landmark of Heidelberg

 view of the buildings near the bank of the Necker River

 view of Heidelberg town

old bridge gate seen from the bridge


  1. I can only exclaim..."Oh So Nice!!!" Serene and majestic too.

  2. Wouldn't want to eat Chinese when I travel. Prefer to try whatever they have to offer...

  3. It looks like a place I'd like to visit! Nice shots Wenn!

  4. I never knew Heidelberg is so nice and interesting like your shown photos. My parents went for vacation and stayed 3 weeks in all over Germany. They said it was lovely but dad only shot few miserable photos of Heidelberg!

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  6. Nice scenery.. got food pics or not..? or is it in the other blog?


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