Finally, we needed to take the Eurostar to London..

checked in

waiting area

food section


the Eurostar..

To London..

Eurostar is a high-speed passenger rail service connecting London with Paris and Brussels. All its trains traverse the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France, owned and operated separately by Eurotunnel.


  1. i wanted to take Eurostar, but then flight was cheaper so i missed that opportunity..

  2. I bet it is way faster compared to our KTM. Haha :D

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  4. Guess it's all the same - like the Japanese bullet train. I wouldn't want to go on the China ones though. Eyewwwww....

  5. I took Eurastar too :) i missed my europe trip but thank YOU for all these posts, at least i can remember them again, one by one :)

  6. Must be strange going under the channel. I just booked a hotel in London for part of my vacation. :)

  7. Wow nice and efficient way to travel. tQ.

  8. Wah... you got to ride Eurostar, envy!^^

  9. Yeah that SK told me that flights are cheaper than train! Is he pulling my legs?

  10. Why not fly? How many hours London-Paris by train?

    Sounds like a great adventure.

  11. Oh I loved Eurostar too. They had a weird promotion on my previous trip. The return fare was cheaper than a one-way fare ( I wanted to purchase one-way since I was flying home from Heathrow). Perhaps their excuse was to get return tourists to France, but that would sound odd too kan?!

  12. The interior looks nice n clean. How long is the ride from Brussels to London?


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