China Town

Here we were at China Town, London..

Wan Chai Corner

China Town gateway

New Long Fung Restaurant
We had our lunch here.

Crispy Duck Restaurant


Fareast Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Chinatown is centrally located in the West End, along and around Gerrard Street off Leicester Square. It spreads into Wardour Street at one end and Newport Place at the other. London's Chinatown may not be quite as large as those in San Francisco or Vancouver but it is still a great place to dine out in the evening, authentically Chinese and definitely different from anywhere else in London. 


  1. Yeah remembered we had dinner in Crispy Duck Restaurant.

  2. LOL!!! Soho, London's red light district...

  3. there is a china town in every major city in the world, i was surprised the first time i stepped foot into melbourne.

  4. I believe many Chinese have moved out of Chinatown, but this place is still their 'holy place', haha...

  5. many hong kong people actually migrated there.

  6. Nice Chinatown! Reminds me of Hong Kong : )

  7. Overseas ChinaTown got lots of goodies to eat. haha...

  8. I like to visit Chinatown whenever I am overseas!

  9. Some connection with Florence China Town?


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