It was a hot day when we reached the windmill village..

a typical design of the house

a displayed windmill

got to walk under the hot sun to get a close-up view of those windmills

view of the other side of the river

great windmills lining up neatly

wanted to see the interior of the windmills
and wanted to have the feel of it
but got to pay..


  1. Ah! Windmills... Never seen one in real life. And who's the guy in the red t-short in the 2nd pic? Looks like some handsome Korean movie star. LOL!!!

  2. so..did u go in? everything is money, huh..

  3. Would love to see a real one! So nice.

  4. I been to one of these windmill before when in Netherlands. They even have the brochure in Bahasa Melayu

  5. nice windwills!! and would be perfect if can see them with the tulips together~~ :p

  6. Stunning windmills! thanks for sharing your great vacation with me.

  7. Windmills have always fascinate me. I love windmills and I love the ones in your pics.. nice!

  8. We didnt go so close to the windmills. Right interested to know too how it works perhaps can google about it haha.


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