Cologne Cathedral

We traveled to the most ancient and busiest city in the Rhineland - Cologne. I got to view this magnificent Cologne Cathedral which is considered the greatest Gothic church in Christendom.

twin towers?

the entrance

amazing statues

inside the cathedral

These stained glass windows look awesome. 

They are breathtaking.

I simply admire them.

statue inside the cathedral

This medieval statue of St. Christopher, Patron of Travellers, welcomes visitors to the Cathedral.

Dominating the skyline of Cologne, Germany is their world famous cathedral: Kölner Dom. By far their most famous landmark for hundreds of years, the Cologne cathedral is part of the Roman Catholic Church and hosts the Archbishop of Cologne. One of the most interesting things about cathedral Koln is just how long it took to complete it. The construction initially started in 1248, but due to multiple halts in building, it took more than 600 years before the cathedral was complete.


  1. The stained glass is lovely like them very much.

  2. I love looking at the stained glass as their attention to detail is simply amazing!

  3. Can see from the stained glass windows, this one's Catholic. I think other denominations do not have pictures and statues. Btw, is Notre Dame in France or where? Did you go there? That one's more famous...because of the Hunchback book/movie.

  4. suituapui, Notre Dame is in Paris. I just passed by and didn't manage to get a picture of it.

  5. very nice. i like the architecture...

  6. wow fantastic photos... Thanks for sharing and the visit.

  7. OMG! Very, very magnificent indeed. I don't mind being in here for hours. :D

  8. like other European cathedrals, this one is stunningly beautiful.


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