Christmas Night Tour

Let's take a tour along the way out from Sunway Pyramid..

gorgeous lion

underneath the lion

last upward look at the lion

beautiful decorative items along the way

almost leaving..


simply spectacular..

Ole-Ole Bali

Thai Restaurant

love this view the most

admire the last piece..

View from opposite

Goodbye Sunway!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Long long long time didnt visit Sunway!! Some days, bringing my 2 kids to shopping and playing in Sunway! :p

  2. The Sunway management has always done well with their decors. ^^

  3. Now I regret I did not make a trip to Sunway

  4. Love watching Xmas lightings across the streets or buildings they are awesome.

  5. Photo 6 & 7; Angels, reindeer and snow flakes - it's lovely!

  6. Wish u and your family members at home a very happy winter solstice ya.

  7. I love the street of Sunway the MOST during Xmas! No where else is more beautiful :)


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