Confinement Period

A customer walked into my shop and asked me if there was any herbal stuff which she could use it for post-natal bathing. I recommended her the Chinese Herbal Bath. She just needs to boil the herbal bag and bathes with the herbal water. It could expel wind from her body.

She wanted the Windy Oil and I could see that she's a new mother. I told her to rub the oil with both palms before applying to the baby's stomach.

I also recommended her the herbal soup where she could boil and drink it for vitality and health. Since she's so new, I told her to boil red dates as her daily drinks during confinement.

She then told me that she has just given birth to her baby ten days ago. I told her that she's not supposed to come out and do shopping. She should be resting at home. Her husband should do the shopping instead. Her husband was nodding his head in agreement.

I said, "Confinement time is your time. You should be resting and treated like a queen."

But one question she kept asking me: "Can I consume all these? Will it afect my baby? I'm breastfeeding."

Well, I told her that what's she taking is nutritious for both mum and baby. They are not medication. 

Guess she believes in me and thanking me for my advices, she went away happily..

I realized that since I work in the shop, I am more like a consultant as I need to advice my customers about stuff that they want to know.


  1. Good thing you have the know-how to help them!

  2. I like helpful and friendly sales people...not the ones that stalk you around like you're going to steal something.

  3. Knowledge is value added service to your customers. Gee she goes shopping during confinement? When young they don't know the side effects yet as she are strong now. Heard one Taiwanese lady went shopping in complexs ignoring the 'safety rules' of confinement got admitted to hospital for pneumonia a week later.

  4. hope the lady would take your advice seriously. It is important for her to replenish herself with good nutrition during the one-month confinement period.

  5. Yeah! As you grow in your job, you start adding value too:)

  6. wish you were there to give consultation to my MIL..

  7. You are very kind to try to help with good advice.

  8. You are very a very kind consultant!! Do good at all times...God bless.

  9. you can be whatever you want to be - just a shopkeeper, or businesswoman, sales person, or in this case, customer service consultant.

    you could also be a friend to your clients.

    always seek the higher gift.

  10. Which is good. We customers sometimes need help from people like you. :D

  11. I share my testimonial and experience with customers too. IF I never used a product, I honestly tell them off. Dont like cheating people. That is not my style!

  12. They're lucky to hv come to ur shop. Can get free advice samo.


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