He needs to learn

My husband is a busy man. He doesn't use the computer. After work, he would usually stay in the bedroom watching tv while I would be in the study room using the computer.

When I'm done with my blogs and so forth, he is already fast asleep. I feel that he is left out, thus I need to introduce computering to him.

Initially, I took my laptop into our bedroom but I felt that it was not appropriate for my husband. So I decided to put my desktop instead.

He was surprised when he saw the desktop in our room. I showed him our shop facebook and he was keen. He asked me to put in more pictures..

Then I searched for his favorite song, 'Paint My Love' and he listened to it as he dozed into dreamland.

The next night, I showed him some videos from u-tube. He was keen in the shoplifting videos. He could watch any videos he likes.

Actually, I don't quite like to use the computer in the bedroom. Since he is already sleepy, I asked him to sleep while I went to the study room and used my laptop. 

I intend to expose the usage of computer to him bit by bit..

Hopefully one day, he would be engrossed in using the computer too..


  1. What a sneaky wife!! Rofl
    But I totally agree with you that your hubby should at the very least know the basics so as not to be left out in this ever-increasing tech-world. ^^

  2. Good to share the same interests

  3. Good to expose him to the cyber world .. next time he might be more "addicted" than you... hahaha...

  4. It's never too late to learn new things and we need to learn how to connect with the young in this fast moving technology age. :)

  5. He will soon become a computer addict.

  6. and one day he will be blogging too!! :)

  7. Hahaha -after engross on the computer & neglect you then....LOL jz joke

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  9. Hey buddy!! Just wanna wish congratulations on your progress. I hope soon your husband will like use computer. Thanks and keep sharing.

  10. Vy smart of u... start to intro pc thru things that interest him.

  11. Way to go. Maybe one day he will be more expert that you-the sifu? :D

  12. Intro some games to him....like Warcraft, ke ke ke....

  13. Jiayou Wenn! I am sure you will succeed soon. On the contrary, my hubby is so hooked to PC and I have to lure him away from it.

  14. Please don't go over board..saw a cartoon both husband and wife lying on bed with their laptop and communicated with message the wife sending 'Not tonight darling'.


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