Michelangelo's Pizzeria

It was my first time to Michelangelo's Pizzeria last Friday night. I was impressed by its interior decoration.

We ordered our woodfired pizza.

while waiting..

I had a look at its furnace.

its kitchen

its counter

Finally, our pizza was done.

There were actually two types of pizza combined into one.

I like this type the best!

I didn't quite envy it as its base was slight burnt.


  1. In Ipoh? No connection with the one at Pavilion in KL, I guess?

  2. yummy yummy, they look delicious.. :)

  3. A very nice and inviting place indeed...the pizza looked delish!

  4. Their pizza seems like tastier than pizza. :D You can see them make on the spot aye.

  5. the place certainly look very good. comfy

  6. Wow! Everything looks so delicious!

  7. Hi there , I am actually the owner of MichelangelO's Pizzeria, I would like to first thank you for your review which was very nice and then would like to point out two things:
    1st, no we are not the same as the one in KL, we are privetly owned and operated her ein Ipoh.

    2nd, All "wood fired" pizzas are not really bhurned, but will have char on the bottom, something that a lot of Malaysians are not used to. This is becuase we cook in an oven at 450 degrees C with no pans, the pizzas are set right on the stone and if they do not have the char on bottom we do not send them out and will need to make them over so they do have the char.

    We do hope you will come back again sometime soon. You can see our website at: www.pizzaipoh.com if you wish.

    Michael---MichelangelO's Pizzeria


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