Yesterday I wanted to book a bus ticket. So I tried it online. When I came to the payment section, I was brought to the attention of securing my credit card usage. I signed up at Maybank2u and immediately I could make payment online.

But I was asked to key in the MSOS code. I thought I was needed to key in my password but I was wrong. Therefore, the booking was not successful. I called the office to enquire about it but I was told to call again the next day.

This morning, I called the office and they told me that my booking was blocked. I just couldn't understand as I had keyed in my credit card number. To make things easier, I went to the office to buy the ticket manually.

Still not sure why I was not successful in the online purchase, I went to Maybank2u site and read about MSOS code. 

What is MSOS Code?

Introducing MSOS Code which uses One-Time-Password (OTP) for Online Transaction which is an extension of VBV/ MasterCard SecureCode, 3D-Secure solution which is fully adaptable to the 3D-Secure architecture & protocol defined by VISA / MasterCard. This new enhances security feature takes advantage of mobile communication by sending the MSOS Code to your registered mobile number with Maybank. You will be required to enter the MSOS Code online to complete the transaction.

Then only I realized that the code must have been sent to my husband's handphone as my credit card is a supplementary card. 

That means it is not easy for me to shop online as I need to refer to my husband. Maybe I should get my own credit card..


  1. yes..something like a TAG.. they sent the number code to the handphone.. :)

  2. Haha :D I think you should then.

  3. I love this system. It certainly is a lot safer...

  4. Wenn
    Most of us have phone and internet problems...imagine how those poor people out there millions of them..who can't buy anything on Malaysia has a new divide...On-line - off-line divide!! or the techno-divide.

    I saw a very interesting Korean drama in which a young man wrote down every step for his aged father to follow (how to operate the video player) before the young man passed clearly shows how difficult life can be with too much technology...

    Happy cyber adventures!!

  5. You just need a Maybank account. No need credit card.

  6. I also dont know about this Maybank MSOS code till a friend doing online transaction few months ago. Got TAC code, now MSOS code! Banyak macam macam this Maybank2u, but at least they try to be secure about security aspect.

  7. I had difficulty in using my cimb c.card too.

  8. This is same kind like TAC, I reckon

  9. That's great, secured! Yeah, maybe you get your own one.

  10. oh yeah, i think this is good.. have been using this for quite some time with my EON card..

  11. Safer lah.....always changing...

  12. Can't you change the phone number to yours?

  13. Using technology can sometimes be such an 'ouch" experience kan? I had a similar problem siging up for a membership today :(


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