My first free blouse

It was in Nov 23 when I posted on Free Dresses, anyone?

Then I emailed Jessica of Malaysia Online Boutique telling her that I had already posted on my blog site.

The next day, Jessica emailed me,

"That looks OK. You can proceed to make an order for the free cloth, from the sponsored list. We will follow up to confirm with you, on the delivery payment and etc."

So I replied,

I would like to have this..

Smart Casual Office Blouse with Scarf


Jessica replied,
"Let me forward your request to Irenelim. Look forward to a reply from her."

 Waited n waited.....

But it was already 10 days and I didn't hear from Irenelim at all. So I wrote in to Jessica:

"Sorry I'm just's almost 2 weeks.."

It took her 4 days to reply:

"So sorry for the delay. I have forgotten to inform Irenelim. Anyway, I have emailed to her a few minutes ago. You should get a reply from her asap."

Almost as soon as that, I received a mail from Irenelim:

"I was informed by Jessica that you would like to have Smart Casual Office Blouse with Scarf. We have only black color. If you were ok with it, please bank in the postage to our bank accounts. And please send your address and contact to us."

So I transfered RM8 to her account the next morning.

Irene is rather efficient. In 2 days, my free blouse arrived by pos laju..

Thanks Malaysia Online Boutique and Irenelim Fashion.


  1. She should be this efficient. If not all the customers will lari. :p

  2. had to wait so long ah? Mine was very fast. Less than a week.

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