It was quite some time ago when I was at Sunway Lagoon. I took my kids there for quite a number of times when they were young.

This time, I want to take my girls to watch the Aladdin Musical Theater. I haven't bought the tickets yet as I could get cheaper tickets if I get them directly from the ticketing counter at Sunway Lagoon. Furthermore I could use my Maybank Credit card to get further discounts.

So hopefully we could get the cheapest tickets. At the same time, we could explore Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Pyramid too..

 It's going to be a fun weekend!


  1. Have a nice weekend Wenn.. tell us all about it!

  2. I should say that I went there when I was young. :p I miss this place.

  3. Going this weekend? Or next? I wish I could go and see the musical too...but I think I will have to give it a miss. Must save a bit...

  4. Enjoy the musical and have fun shopping in Sunway Pyramid! : )

  5. It's gonna be great! I love Aladdin :)

  6. Saw some bloggers blog about this and they gets Free tickets.

  7. wow, you're at sunway! have fun!!!

    ps: the parking there at peak hours really is very bad ><

  8. enjoy the show and shopping.. :)


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